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Tennnessee | Titan of Commerce & Industry

Tennnessee | Titan of Commerce & Industry

Foreword by Sen. Bill Frist
Written by New York Times Best-Selling author, Leland Gregory

“America is called “the Land of Opportunity” and the same can easily be said about the great state of Tennessee. Known for its varying landscapes – from the awe-inspiring mountains of East Tennessee, to the lush rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, to the alluvial plains of West Tennessee – our state is among the most visually spectacular areas in the world. That’s why the word “see” is in our name; you have to see it to appreciate it. But there’s more to see in Tennessee than just its inherent beauty; it is also rich in history, tradition, culture, personalities, industry, and commerce. The opportunities available here, both business and pleasure, are as fertile as the Tennessee Valley.

Tennessee has been blessed with a steady increase in population, jobs, and new industries to our state. We continue to nurture the businesses (both large and small) that have been our neighbors for dozens, even hundreds of years, while still welcoming new business associates. Tennessee is destined to continue growing its legacy of business opportunities. It’s clear the global business community and the world are beginning to “see” what’s great about Tennessee.”
–Excerpt from Chapter One: “Our Beauty is More Than Skin Deep”

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