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Ron Beers

Ron is the publisher and president of Beers and Associates. Anyone who knows Ron knows he loves a good story. His passion for stories became his profession in 1981. Over the next 30+ years, he founded and built two successful publishing companies pouring his experience and heart into over 160 titles on more than120 different communities throughout the United States and Canada. When he started Beers and Associates in 2005, he decided to keep things manageable enough so he could do what he really loves to do: listen to stories about the birth of a city and stories about the start of a business. 

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Rachel Fisher

Rachel is the managing editor and profile editor responsible for successfully overseeing the publication of each book from start to finish. She also works directly with our profile clients. Her days are spent keeping editorial teams in sync and empowered to use their creative gifts to produce the highest quality of product that our clients and sponsors will be proud of for years to come.

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Beers & Associates, LLC | 113 Washington Avenue | Montgomery, AL 36104 | 334-396-2896

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